Doctrine and Covenants 4:3

"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work" -Doctrine and Covenants 4:3

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 3, Saratoga Springs South

Dear Everyone,

Q: What kind of man was Boaz before he got married?

A: He was RUTHless! ;)

That super cheesy Bible joke is courtesy of the Saratoga Springs South Stake’s Talent Show hosts. (I’m sure there is a specific name, but I can’t remember it right now.)

Well, this week has been interesting. Sister Cruz, not being used to cold weather, got a cold. And because we’re together 24/7, she got me sick as well. So we spent more time in bed focusing on breathing than we wanted to this week. But we still got some work done!

One of our former less-actives, Damien, that we’ve been teaching, got to go back to the temple!!! He had never been to the SLC temple, but his mom had worked there, so he wanted to
go to a session there. Because our mission is so small area-wise, we get to attend any ordinance of someone we taught. So Sister Cruz and I, along with Sister Cruz’s former companion Sister Vave, got to go to Salt Lake and go to the temple!! I LOVE the Salt Lake Temple. I love being in the House of the Lord. His presence can be felt so strongly there. 

Sister Cruz was super sick, (she hadn’t infected me yet) and she wanted a priesthood blessing. So the Elders (both our Zone Leaders and our District Leaders….not sure why) came over and gave her a blessing. I also asked for a blessing, because adjusting to missionary life is hard. In the blessing, I was counseled to read a certain scripture, so that was cool! The comfort of feeling Heavenly Father’s love for me was really what I needed.

Because Sister Cruz was sick, she didn’t want to teach our recent convert Hannah, because she has an adorable little one year old we didn’t want to infect. I wasn’t sick yet, so we went on splits for the first time! Sister Cruz stayed at our good friend’s, the Morta’s, while Hannah’s mother-in-law came and picked me up. She didn’t really participate in the lesson, so I taught it all by myself. Terrifying, and I was slightly awkward, but it turned out ok! 

Random thing:

We made friends with this cat that liked to hang around our house. We named him Stanley. (Picture 3) Sister Cruz is a total cat lover, but somehow Stanley liked me more. He hung around for a few days, then disappeared. We hope he found his way home.

Our sweet less-active friend Abi FINALLY opened up to us this week!! She’s super shy, but wants to know more about the church. We taught her the Plan of Salvation, then had her teach us it (with little map cutouts). She finally participated! It was great!

We’re preparing for 3 baptisms right now. We met with Brother Selds at the chapel this week, and after teaching him about the 10 Commandments, we gave him a chapel tour. Good thing we did, because he had some good questions about baptism that we were able to answer! 

We also met with Brother McHaw yesterday. He’s seriously so golden!! He’s excited to get baptised and then start working towards getting sealed to his cute family. He’s such a good dad. It’s fun to see him with his kids. 

Another one of our recent converts, Brian, got the priesthood this week!! We got to be there, and I also taught him how to tie a tie. (Benefits of having all brothers, I guess!) In the picture, he’s the one with the plain red tie and white shirt. He texted us yesterday and told us he also got a temple recommend!!!! He’s so great!

Yesterday, we met with a sweet 10 year old from Africa named Addia. I had actually been to her home country more recently than she has! She’s super willing to learn and so cute!! She accepted the commitment to be baptised, and she’s SO excited! Her foster family has been working really hard to teach her in the home. They’re awesome.

Well, this email has already taken up half of your day, so I’ll end it now, but I love hearing from those of you who have emailed me/ sent letters!! You all are great! Know that I’m praying for you!! 

Sister Taylor

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